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Benefits of trusting Orquidea

We transfer net payment right away, by bank wire, PayPal, Payoneer or Tipalti. Completely free, no extra charges(*).

We have ads for every ad space: You will never see a blank space.

No strings attached: Try our service for as long as you want, with no restrictions and no minimum contract time. Easy, simple and fast.

Work with us and other agencies at the same time: We don’t require exclusivity and our codes coexist with any ad platform.

We believe in transparency: Access to all reports and statistics at all times, from any place and device.

We know your users trust your credibility so we offer ads in line with your expectations.

At Orquidea we monetize over a billion impressions monthly.

* 1. PayPal: Through the Tipalti platform, no minimum or maximum required, for free in USD.
* 2. Wire Transfer: With a minimum of USD 300 income, for free. In case you don’t reach the minimum, you can add invoices until reaching USD 300 income; otherwise, USD 26 will be subtracted from your earnings in respect of bank wire costs.
* 3. Payoneer: Minimum of USD 20 income required, with no charges and maximum of USD 300 income.

Gain access to the best Advertisers of the market

Choose your prefered option:

  • Native Ads

    Appeared as part of the editorial flow of a page, as recommended content on a website. They have higher CTR and better eCPMs.

  • Display Ads

    Users are shown different ads in line with their likes, interests and purchase intention.

  • Video Ads

    Huge impact, like television spots. Generate amazing incomes.


Why choose Native Ads?

Do you know that consumers view Native Ads 53% more than graphic advertisements?

Native Ads fit much better with the website content and they are not intrusive; they suit the looks, style and function of the media format where they appear.

The best advantage of this format is that ads don’t feel like ads. They look like part of the page part of the editorial flow of the page, as recommended content on a website–by operating as native news of the website, they have better performance.

Native Ads can benefit users, too: Native Ads usually recommend content to what the user is reading and of likely interest.

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Why choose Display Ads?

In Orquidea we work with first level brands and advertisers.

Different Users view different ads, in line with their likes, interests and purchase intentions.

The greatest advantage of this format is that it works through our RTB technology, that ensures the highest CPM for your adspace.

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Why choose Video Ads?

Did you know that video views account for 40% of Internet traffic?

That’s not all: 10% of videos viewed online belong to ads campaigns.

Video advertisements are interactive: Users watch them before, during or after viewing any content of their interest.

Videos have emotional impact (like television spots) and produce interactivity (typical of online media).

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About us

Many people have the power to monetize their website, but they don’t know how to do it. When we identify the need, we create an innovative solution, affordable to all.

We work every day to optimize the adspaces of thousands of websites all over the world. Our goal is to help publishers connect with advertisers across the globe.

Like what we do? Through our own technology, which connects with the world’s top advertisers and agencies. We monetize in a simple, transparent and effective way.

Our company was started by professionals with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We commercialize digital media traffic and boost publishers that want to maximize the monetization of their content. Care for what we do?

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How does it work?


We choose the best option for you


We share a code with you


Paste the code and start monetizing


Monitor the campaign results


Receive your payment 7 days after the end of the period